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Game DesignPosted by Anders Højsted Wed, November 18, 2009 15:45
There's a Gamasutra-article on Chris Hecker's presentation at the Montreal Independent Games Festival about art, games & the industry (read it for yourself):

Most importantly "..he spends a lot more time considering and discussing the "why," as in "Why do you make games?" It's a question he believes is crucial not just to individual developers, but to the cultural impact of the entire medium for decades to come.

Why Ask Why?

Those who work in certain popular forms like music, film, and literature often reflect on how a particular work was born out of a specific event. "I had to write this book when my girlfriend dumped me," a novelist might say."

This is very important; art is many things, but it usually relates to and communicates something about (aspects of) the human condition. It usually relates to the perceiver and forces him/her to reflect over their own condition.

So if people have an ambition about their games being more then just entertainment, they should ask themselves "why do I want to make this game, what is my personal existentialist reason for doing this? what do I want to communicate about my own current condition?".

It made me ask that question about Evolution:Fitness: "why do I want to make it?".

The answers is that I want to make Evolution: Fitness because of the whole debate about evolution and creationism. The purpose of the game is to teach people about one of the fundamental mechanism in evolution: the biological adaptation to an enviroment through mutation.There's a lot of misconceptions about evolution and Evolution:Fitness might help people understand things right.

It seems to me that when people debate these things, they don't understand each others positions, so everybody is attacking strawmen. If the creatists understood evolution, they might also understand that religion isn't 100% incompatible with science, even though a 100% literal interpretation of the old testament is.

So I hope to increase understanding for evolution.

Evolution is a very important theory and the understanding & application of it has benefitted mankind immensely. Science is important to understand the world around us and manipulate it so we can diminish human suffering and increase the general quality of life for people (yeah, I'm getting a bit utilitarian here).


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