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TryFail Release & Freeplay Nomination

Try/FailPosted by Anders Højsted Fri, July 30, 2010 14:01

I gives me great pleasure to finally release my game TryFail to the waiting public.

It's already been nominated to Freeplay Independent Games Festival's award for Best International Game - Yay!

The game has been through a series of test and should now be as bugfree as possible. However, understanding is not guaranteed. Try it out for yourself and see what if you can make sense of it.

TryFail Download (<- click here)

I submitted the game to Indiecade 23/6-2010. If you want to see what I submitted and see how that game developed from there, you can download the Indiecade submission here:

Tryfail Indiecade Submission

If you want to try the build submitted to Freeplay Independent Games Festival in Melbourne, Australia, you can download it here:

TryFail Freeplay Submission

If you have any questions or comments, feel free to comment in here or mail me.

I'd like to thanks some people for helping me with the making of the game:

First, foremost and above all, my girlfriend Kremena Dimitrova for her support, patience and love far beyond the call of duty. Love'ya, babe :)

My family, - for probably not really understanding me, but still loving & supporting me none the less.

The voice actors :

Nikolaos Vaporakis for his "Heureka". Nikolaos co-owns restaurant Kreta in Copenhagen where I went to find a greek voice-actor.

Ellen-Sofia Løventoft-Jessen for the baby-laughter (generously recruited & tickled by her dad, Jonas Løventoft-Jessen)

The record company Naxos for giving me the rights to the non-commercial use of Capella Istropolitana's (directed by Adrian Leaper) performance of Sibelius "Andanto Festivo". Special thank to the danish CEO of the Naxos Jørgen, whom I know really pushed for this to happen (and used part of his summer-vacation for it).

Testers - thanks, friends :): Jonas Løventoft-Jessen, Kristian Hedeholm, Jonathan Osborne, Christina Stind Rosendahl, Douglas Wilson, Patrick Jarnfeldt, Dajana Dimovska, Lau Korsgaard, Jeppe Norsker, Frederik Hermund, Martin Corinth, Jesper Nielsen, Rudy Dordonne, Martin Knudsen, Kim Fenger, Morten Lund, Jonas Raagard, Thomas Duus Henriksen & Thomas Vigild.

Thanks :)

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