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Fail/Fail? ;) + demo

Try/FailPosted by Anders Højsted Tue, August 17, 2010 17:28

I did - not surprisingly - not win the Freeplay Award. It went to "Last Hope" from the Brazilian team Yellow Jam.

You can download Last Hope here: Last Hope

Congratulations, fellas :)

My plan is now to make some adjustments to Try/Fail and submit it to the Dutch Game Awards & Independent Games Festival.

I've had around 730 downloads of the game; many of the hits came from this site Railgun that mentioned that I was nominated for the Freeplay Award. They did this the day after I sent out danish press-releases about the game. I just didn't send any to them. Go figure. Their review was quickly copied to other pages; - they seem to be feeding of each others news.

This was a good example of how important marketing is, - even for free indie-games. People need to be made aware of what you are doing.

People have played the game and given extensive feedback. A whole discussion erupted at the danish game-development-community-site Spiludvikling where people leveled some very relevant critism towards the game. I have to take that into account for the IGF-build.

I primarily submit the game to these festivals to prove a point to myself, - part of which is that I have to do it 110%. If I don't take my art seriously, how can I expect other to?

Meanwhile - while I labor on - try this little demo that I made with some of the TryFail-assets:

Maze Demo

Money is tight, so I've been thinking about making a small very commercial game (nothing artsy here) to make ends meet. They're slightly too far away from each other right now (starving artist and all, - you fill in the blanks).

Also, if you want me to make a unique level for the maze, based on your specifications and with your choice of artwork, sounds etc., - let me know and we'll figure out a price.

You would have your own personal game then :)

Be seeing ya,


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