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Try/FailPosted by Anders Højsted Wed, October 06, 2010 12:00

As usual it's been too long since the last update.

I started writing a post about all the things that has been happening and what I'm been thinking about (lotsa thinking going on), but the text bloated and ended up covering a lot of diverse perspectives about what I want to do, so I won't post it yet. I need to finish it and then slice it up thematically for several blogposts.

So this is "just" an update.

People have been discussing TryFail and some of them had some excellent feedback. As I wrote in an earlier post, I won't give an authoritative interpretation of the game, - although I'll give a clue: the game is very much based on atheist existentialism (in particular Jean Paul Sartre).

In this discussion at the danish game development forum Spiludvikling the user Pelding (I have no idea about his real identity) pointed out that existentialism assumes you are forced to choose; you can not choose not to choose, - not choosing is also a choice. In TryFail not doing anything meant that nothing happened; this is wrong.

So I've made a new version. In the new version of the game not choosing - not doing anything – also have consequences ;) ain't life a bitch.This version has been submitted to the Austin SXSW and you can download a version of it here (or with the link in the right).

Indiecade respectfully declined my submission and encouraged me to submit later works. We'll see about that ;)...

The Dutch Game Awards only accepted submissions from gamedevelopers from countries that have accepted the Euro as currency. Denmark is an EU-member, but we haven't accepted the Euro, so they wouldn't accept my submission. I mailed a bit back'n'forth with them and they'll probably expand the category to all of the EU next year (or maybe – I hope – the whole world :) ). Holland is an cool country and I'll love to participate; it would be a great excuse for going there.

I hope to submit the game to the Independent Games Festival, but the entry fee is $95 and money are insanely tight. The deadline is oktober 18, so I won't get any money before then. I'll probably have to sell some of my RPG-/philosophy-books; who needs those anyway?

Alternatively, if any of you feel like sponsoring my IGF-entry, don't be shy. I promise to mention you in my acceptance speech :)

(It's not like I expect anything to come from submitting to the IGF, - but the loss of money makes it real and I need to keep it real to myself).

More info will follow shortly about my thoughts and plans, - watch this space :)



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