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This weblog is the digital playground for Anders Højsted. I'm a philosopher, indie gamedeveloper, writer & all-round renaissance man.

Updates from now on

Game DesignPosted by Anders Højsted Tue, June 23, 2009 15:37
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Posted by Anders H Mon, August 25, 2008 09:39:25

I've been updating the blog rather irregularly (to put it mildly), but I'm going to start updating more often now.

It seems like the only career-choice available to me if I want to make games is as "autéur/art game designer", so I'll start using the blog for communication.

I have a small portfolio of various small games that I'd like to present to you and have an idea for a "14-day game development challenge" for myself later on. More on that when I get to it.

Most of the games that I'd like to showcase in here are either very crude prototypes or design documents in various stages, so don't expect a new Braid or anything like it. The idea with the prototypes is to examine various (semi-)experimental gameplay elements in a Rapid Prototyping way. So use them for inspiration and feel free to comment. The design docs are for projects that never took of.

I'll post the games in chronological order and comment on them. I've also done a ton of pen&paper-rpg design/writing but I'll (probably) leave it out. There's too much and it's to chaotic.


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