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Shadowrun FPS anno 2002

Game DesignPosted by Anders Højsted Tue, June 23, 2009 15:39

(This post have been migrated from my old blog)

Posted by Anders H Tue, August 26, 2008 13:45:24

My first Showcase is very old.

Back in 2002, I was still studying as a philosophy minor at Copenhagen University, but I really wanted to work with games. A friend of mine recommended Richard Rouse III "Game Design: Theory & Practice" and I immidiately set out as a computergamedesigner.

I was (and still is) playing a lot of pen&paper-RPGs (p&p-RPG), so the obvious idea was to base a game in the Shadowrun RPG setting and with the "gameplay" from Shadowrun.

The gameplay in SR is very varied. Character-development are (largely) skillbased, so you have no hardcore classes (like in Dungeons & Dragons or World Of Warcraft). The variety in skills and abilities are also very varied, so the players gets a very varied set of (semi-emergent) interactionspossiblities and a varied set of tactics.


We (me & my friend Rasmus Boldt) made it a requirement for our design that we afforded for these interaction possibilities through the ”3S's-rule”: the player had to be capable of handling the challenges in either in a shooting, stealth or social way.The results was meager (to say the least). We ended up describing one (1!) map and painting another:

Design description for Map 1


We never made it any further with the SRFPS. Other things beckoned. I used the modding group to get into the gamedesign-line at the IT-University in Copenhagen and wrote a chapter for the Shadowrun-antology ”Shadows Of Europe” in 2003.

Microsoft had bought the FASA studios and released a ”Shadowrun”-game in 2007. Almost the entire Shadowrun p&p-RPG community diswowed it. It has very little to do with the Shadowrun p&p-RPG and breaks with many of the conventions of the setting (an example of this is teleportation, which can't be done magically in the Shadowrun p&p-RPG). I really wished that they'd used a developer that knew the Shadowrun-universe and cared to use/respect it; the possiblities are very nice. However, the Shadowrun computergame spawned some brilliant machinima from Rooster Teeth.

Our game would probably be more akin to Deus Ex or Thief; a good mixture of stealth, social interaction and good ol' fun gunplay.


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