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Change of plan

Game DesignPosted by Anders Højsted Wed, October 21, 2009 11:24
"No plan survives the confrontation with reality intact" - me

I was thinking about Apocalypse! yesterday while watching Harry Potter. I've been thinking about making Apocalypse! with GameMaker, but the game is a satire over 1st person shooters and should be made in 3d. However, that is very hard in Gamemaker and would go against the purpose of the editor. It also requires a lot more skills then I currently have; I need to (re-)learn how to do 3d and I need to learn how to use Unity3d.

So I've decided to do Evolution instead. In honor of this decision, I've decided to rename it "Evolution: Fitness" as it is about fitness in the biological sense (as adaptation to an enviroment). There's a lot potential approachs to the ludification of evolution and I won't be covering them all.

So I'll have to do Gamemaker-exercises and papir-prototyping at the same time fun.


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