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First Audio

Try/FailPosted by Anders Højsted Tue, June 08, 2010 16:03

Try/Fail is (slowly) coming along. Life has a really nasty habit of getting in the way.

It's a very different game then any other I have encountered and I have regular doubts about whether people will understand it and whether they'll enjoy it. The idea behind the game is very subtle and I don't want to explain it to the players. I want people to experience the game and interpret it themselves. I know it's a tall order in this modern age of Instant Gratification(tm), but I hope maybe that I can advance games a little bit by doing it.

However, I expect the game to tank instantly and be forgotten forever. This way I won't be disapointed when it does, - and besides how many people are interested in philosophical, existentialist games?

(My bizdev friends would probably anwer: none or else someone would already be making them. They may have a point smiley ).

However, development continues. A lot my focus recently have been on the audio-side of the game. I've adopted the ethos of doing everything myself, so I borrowed an audio recorder from my friend Nevin Eronde from

Nevin is active in the danish IGDA-chapter where she runs the Audio Special Interest Group and have done audio design on a lot of different games on a lot of different platforms. We worked together on the game TogetherFornever (halfway down) at the Nordic Game Jam 2009. I can't recommend her highly enough; - feel free to approach her with all your freelance audio design-jobs.

The audio recorder was a Sony PCMD50 Portable Linear PCM Recorder (You can read more about here).

I've been used to recording audio on an mp3-player, a mobile phone or with a microphone plugged into a laptop. The results have been...varied.

So the recorder completely blew my mind. First of, you can set it so it's very, very sensitive, - you can literally hear people talk in the room next to you (if the door is open, not through the wall). The sensitivity is a blessing and a curse as it will pick up anything in the area. However, you can turn down the recording volume to avoid the background noise. You can plug in a headset so you can hear exactly how the recording sounds and you can set the playback volume independently of the recording volume. The recorder is a harddisk recorder, so you can instantly replay the recording to hear it. Sweeeeet! smiley It plugs straight into a standart USB and you can browse it as an external harddisk; it puts the audio-files in folders named after the date you made the recording.

(If I continue making my own games, I need to get one of these).

After the recording I mixed, cut and edited the audio in Audacity to get the sounds that I wanted. They're not perfect, but I'm satisfied(ish).

I'll write more about the different audio in the game and how I recorded them. Right now, I'll just present two of them to you. Can you make out what they are?

Audiosample 1

Audiosample 2

More will come :)


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