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Tryhart & Baby The Knife

Game DevelopmentPosted by Anders Højsted Sat, April 30, 2011 12:22


I've been very inactive in here for a variety of reasons.

We did the Nordic Game Jam in the end of January and it was a blast. We had 300 participants and it ran smoother then ever. Greg Costikyan held the keynote and we had a board game track sponsored by LEGO & the biggest board games distributor in Denmark, so they had a ton of cool game bits to design with. All in all, it was awesome and we got a lot of great feedback from the participants as well.

Part of the succes is because we expanded the organizers team to double size and distributed a lot of responsibility, so each individual organizer had less & better defined responsiblity then previously. IGDA Denmark Chairman David Mariner & Vicechairman Dajana Dimovska was point on the whole event and managed to herd the organisers in the right direction for a great event.

However, I am leaving the Nordic Game Jam. I've been organizing it for 5 years (and assisted the Global Game Jam a bit) and I don't have the passion for it anymore. The event is pretty much defined now and there's not that much room for radical innovation in it anymore. Much of the work is just fine-tuning and a lot of negotiations with the various partners and I don't really have the passion for this kind of work. Plus I didn't really feel invigorated at the event; it was more a "same, same"-feeling.

I'm also leaving the IGDA Denmark board/organisation. I have a massive network in the danish games industry, but haven't been able to get a job in it. I don't feel that I need more network and the work in IGDA doesn't really help my resumee with regards to gamedevelopment (although it has gotten me a kick-ass eventmaking resumee). I need to go a different way now.

However, this doesn't mean that I won't be at the IGDA events in Denmark anymore. I'll just be participating instead of organising. As Gorm Lai, co-founder of Nordic Game Jam & Global Game Jam said: "I've created the event that I wanted to participate in, but I can't participate because I'm organising". I kindda feel the same way.

The new way is my our company Tryhart (website under construction) and our gameproject Baby The Knife. Baby The Knife was a project that came to me in a very intuitive way. I'll post about it on the project website.

At the Nordic Game Jam, I ran into Conceptartist Rositsa Dineva. I told the idea about a small girl with a giant knife and the whole philosophical & gameplay background for the project. She was hooked immidiately. Since then we have expanded the team and are now 5 people. My role is CEO/Creative Director/Busines Developer; I wear a lot of hats these days.

Most of my time will be spent on Baby The Knife and I've decided to use the Great Dane Games-name as a platform for my own hobby-projects, like TryFail and Amazing. Most of my updates will be in and, so this blog will be even less frequently updated then usually.

I hope to see you in there instead :)

BTW: I've submitted TryFail to the Extra Credits Innovation Awards. Lets see what happens there.



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