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Nordic Game JamPosted by Anders Højsted Fri, February 03, 2012 16:23

Nordic Game Jam went well and was a blast.

We had around 325 people participating (payed participants + volunteers) and they made around 60+ games. You can see the games here: Nordic Game Jam '12 Games

I was volunteering at the event and was responsible for the minister of culture Uffe Elbæk's visit; it went really well. The minister used to be an creative entrepreneur himself and was very impressed with the event.

I didn't have much time to do gamedevelopment during the NGJ and didn't sign up for the competition, but I managed to squeeze in a few hours.

I decided to take my time to come up with a good idea, so I spent friday evening and most of saturday just observing people and events for inspiration. I had a volunteer-shift in the kiosk from saturday midnight to 4 am, so I figured I could make my game there (Oh Hybris, why do you love me such!)

And a new concept evolved: Battery Time Prototyping.

I was working on my laptop and was too tired to be bothered with finding a powersocket, so I decided that my prototype for the game had to be done before my batteries ran out. I'm have an old Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile with an ancient battery in it, so that gave me around an hour to do it.

I managed it and did a bit more development during my shift, but had to acknowledge that I was too tired to think straight, let alone script.

My original idea was a shooter game titled StraightShooter, but the controls were so bad that I couldn't justify the title. So I changed the title to StrayShooter and voila! A bug had become a feature.

Here is a gameplay-shoot; riveting, isn't it:

You can download the demo here: StrayShooter

You have to move the crosshairs to hit the pink dots. Press Space to reload the level.

There is no scoring mechanism and no level-progression. It is just a prototype.

Sunday I even managed to squeeze in an interview with the danish boardgame website Papskubber (literal translation: cardboard-pusher; it's slang for boardgamefans). Be warned: it is in danish.

You can see the interview here: Nordic Game Jam - Anders Højsted Interview

So all in all: a good gamejam.



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